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Hi, my name is Darina Kostelníková. I work as a freelance web designer in Košice, Slovakia. I am a creative director and content manager for and UX designer for my husband's company A.I.Works that deals with artificial intelligence. I also create web templates and WordPress themes and sell them on ThemeForest.

My scope

If I wouldn't be of flesh and blood but only zeroes and ones, I would live here:

Degree & Skills

Master's Degree, Technical University of Košice - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, 2002-2007

10 years of experience in web design

  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
  • User interfaces
  • UX - User experience
  • PHP, jQuery
  • CMS - WordPress, Drupal
  • Responsive (mobile-friendly) web dev
  • Other tools (git, bootstrap, ...)


CSS Reel Nominee award CSS REEL Website Awards Nominee for A.I.Works website.

From My Past

I designed, created or co-created 200+ websites. Quite good, right?

  • Rocket Creator

    The main goal for this project was to create a really easy and fun user experience and we did!

  • Linked

    Website with a simplified user admin interface, so that the client doesn't even notice all the Drupal complexities.

  • Hotel Jantar

    You sure will want to visit this family hotel after visiting its playful online version!

  • Flexta Calendar

    Calendars for a heaters supplier company. These cards were dissapearing like hot bread!

  • ADK Furnitures

    Complete branding and design for a contemporary furnisher company.

  • Babys'n'Bows

    Complete creation of an e-commerce site with Magento. Design to development.

  • EKO Partner

    Dangerous substances well protected in this boxy and manufactural design.

  • Koberce

    Complete UI and design for a carpets catalog. Drupal CMS with simplified admin interface.

  • Manufactory

    Mixing beer and beauty usually provides a very pleasant experience...

  • Herkules

    Looking at this website is like going to a spa - we accomplished a relaxed, subtle look.

  • Transport magazine

    Complete design for a most popular and heavily visited Slovak transport magazine.


    I would not blame you if you took a photo of this e-commerce design!

  • Sunshine Catering

    A fun and colorful design that matches the catering brand perfectly.

  • Alwe Car Rental

    You know you will remember this one! Bold colours, big type, even the rent rules are fun to read!

  • NeoFitness

    Complex and fun e-commerce website with original Czech products.

  • Biomedical

    If a designer does not have much content to work with, a big and clean graphic to catch the visitor's eye is a perfect solution.


    Complete UI, design and branding for a groundbreaking searching engine.


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Invoice billing info

Ing. Darina Kostelníková
Park duklianskych obetí 4
040 01 Košice
IČO: 43656838

  • IBAN: SK93 7500 0000 0003 0742 9493

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